How to check a fake chanel watches
1. Examine however the watch is packaged . a true Chanel J12 watch comes in an exceedingly black Chanel case with "C H A N E L" in gold writing across the highest. The watch isn't in an exceedingly bag and neither the band nor face of the watch have plastic on them. pretend J12 watches ofttimes come back packaged with plastic round the band. this can be a dead giveaway.

2.Look at the date on the watch face. On authentic watches the date variety is a lot of vertical than horizontal or taller than wider. On fakes, the date variety is commonly a lot of horizontal than vertical, or wider than taller.

3. concentrate to the worth. Retail value for a Chanel J12 watch ranges from $5,000 to $10,000. These watches ne'er prolong sale and square measure ne'er discounted. Imperfect watches don't seem to be sold and Chanel doesn't provide wholesale costs. Therefore, be suspicious if somebody is providing low costs.

4 If unsure, have the watch echt. Take it to any Chanel or jewelry dealer wherever they sell Chanel J12 watches. raise if the watch is real or pretend. detain mind that Chanel won't certify any item in writing.

5. examine the rear of the Chanel J12 watch. it's created in Italia ANd an authentic watch can have that sealed into the rear of the watch.

6. concentrate to the rivets on the watch bracelet. pretend Chanel J12 watches ofttimes have rivets on each band link. Real Chanel J12 watch bands solely have many rivets.
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